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Using intelligent product recommendations, Amazon reported a 29% sales increase to $12.83 billion during its second fiscal quarter, up from $9.9 billion during the same time last year.

Our client, - a military clothing store -  increased their cart page conversions by 63% through placing "You may like these items" product  recommendations.

Our client, Reflexshop - a board game store - converted 9% more visitors into paying customers compared their static recommenadtion systems.

1% increase in conversion rate

can double your business.

But what if we double it?

AutoCommerce is for raising your conversion through

switching your store from static to intelligent

by personalized product recommendations?

Static online store

(ecommerce 1.0)

Everybody see the same store front.


The system doesn't learn and develope itself.


Requires you to find out  and setup product matches.


Everybody was managed as a new customer.

Average conversion rate: 0-2%

Intelligent online store

(ecommerce 2.0)

Personalized offers to each visitors


The system learn continously and become "smarter".


It's automated so you don't even have to lift a finger


Unique shopping experience for each visitor.

Average conversion rate: 2-4%

Install the SHOPIFY app now

Upsell through personalization

Deliver unique shopping experience for each of your customers

by showing them the products they are most likely to buy...

...and get more money from the same amount of visitors.

Show best selling products on your homepage

Show category best sellers on your product pages

Upsell by letting us show related products on your cart page

Fully Automated

100% Free


It works automatically, so you don't even have to lift a finger

The only 100% free app. No trial. No monthly fee. No setup cost. No commission.

No impression limits. No risk. No surprises. Just results.

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Why should you choose AutoCommerce...

(... and not other recommendation apps?)

Features your competitors would

pay an arm and a leg for

Style to fit your store.

In addition to automatically adapting to your shop's style and theme,

the app also provides a built-in tool to customize the style of your

recommendation boxes to look like part of your store.

User-friendly interface with

conversion statistics

Check how much money you make with us.

Our 2500+ clients sell products across a wide-range of industries –

from clothing to machine tools and nutritional supplements.

So there’s a good chance it will work for your industry too!

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What customers say about the app?

How it gets more money from

the same amount of visitors?

Check our case studies in nutshell.

3 steps away from sell more

without extra marketing cost

The 3-step setup process - No coding or template

modification is required, install in one click!

1) Install it

2) Turn on your widgets

3) Customize the style

Install the SHOPIFY app now

Frequently Asked Questions

  • + Will this change the look of my store?

    As you can see in the screenshots, our widgets will look like a natural part of your store. You can change the style (lots of fonts, sizes, and colors to choose from) and the location where the widgets are placed:

    • Horizontally: Homepage, Product page and Cart page widgets
    • Vertically: for example above or below your Instagram feed.
  • + Will this reduce the pagespeed of my store?

    No, we won’t slow down your site, because our recommendation boxes load after your pages.

  • + Do you have support?

    Yes we have. Kata will answer your questions within 2 workdays!

  • + Is it really free?

    Yes it is. We have no 14-day trial, monthly fee, setup cost neither.

  • + Will it work if I don't have enough data?

    Yes, it will. But the truth is that the app needs to collect data based on the behavior of your visitors before it can display intelligent product recommendations. While data is being collected, best-selling or category best selling products will be displayed in the recommendation boxes. When enough data is collected and analyzed, intelligent product recommendation will begin to work automatically.

  • + Will it compatible with my theme?

    Yes it will. It's compatible with any Shopify theme & 100% mobile-friendly.